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ISGB Exhibit "Perspectives" at 2010 Bead and Button Show Sponsored by Soft Flex Company

9:00 AM

Over the past few years, we have had the extreme privilege of working with the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and Kalmbach Publishing to bring a glass exhibit to the Bead and Button Show.  Owner, Mike Sherman started out his journey into the bead world as a glass bead maker and jewelry designer first.  This was how he realized the need for a quality stringing product and helped to create Soft Flex Wire.  Needless to say, the glass beadmakers are held near and dear to our hearts.  They are a unique craftsmen who create amazing art.  We are happy to be able to help share that with the larger beading community at one of the largest bead shows in North America.

This juried exhibit presented by ISGB, represents the endlessly captivating styles, techniques, and processes used in contemporary glass-bead making. Unique color, form, and textural elements were combined to highlight the infinite possibilities of glass, as expressed by their members. Artists were encouraged to create a bead that best captured their inspiration, innovation, and personal "voice."

This distinctive collection of small wonders in glass artistry opened in Corning, New York, as part of the Glass Art Society Conference in the summer of 2009 and remained as an exhibition until the fall. It will travel to the Ohio Glass Museum in January 2010 and then come to the Bead&Button Show to be shared with jewelry enthusiasts from around the globe.

I'll be sure to take my flip camera so I can get a short video of this exhibit to share on our youtube channel.  

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