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9:00 AM

Those of you who know me or follow my personal blog, know that Josh and I have been spending a great deal of time house hunting these past few months.  Being that it is our first home, we are excited but we are also very nervous.  I was thinking recently, one thing I've learned from Soft Flex Company that I can apply to this new home buying venture is to look deeper than surface level.  I frequently tell designers to think about the products that they are using in their design and to spend a little more to have a longer lasting better made piece of jewelry.  That is also applicable in this house hunt.  I want a firm foundation and structure for my home just like I do in my jewelry designs.  I want it to last forever, with only minor repairs and modest maintenance.  Sometimes the things that you can't see are more important that the shiny parts and pieces that you can see.  What good is the fancy tile work, if the foundation is cracked and the floor is eventually crumbling?  Likewise, what good are the fancy crystals if your wire snaps and sends them flying in every direction.  So, no matter how frustrating and how long this process might take, I pledge that Joshua and I will find a home that we feel is going to stand the test of time.  We won't give-in to the temptation to settle for something that just looks nice on the surface.  Will you pledge to think about the parts and pieces in your designs, the structure, as much as you think about the design itself?  The quality of wire, crimps, findings and even the tools that you use make a huge difference in the strength and longevity of every single design that you create.  Just some food for thought....

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