Spotlight on..."How to Get Out of a Rut" by Lori Anderson

9:00 AM

How To Get Out of a Rut
Written by: Lori Anderson

Every designer, at one time or another, has fallen into the proverbial rut. Designs no longer have the same spark, and ideas don't come as easily. Ha. Ask me how I know this!

Actually, if I'd fallen into a rut, I could just follow it to its natural conclusion, and at least have some jewelry to show for it - same ol' same ol' jewelry, but at least SOMETHING. 
But no, lately I do believe I've fallen into a HOLE.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Sometimes a rut seems more like a canyon! I have found that either getting away from beading entirely for a while or rearranging my beads seems to help.

  2. I know, you are so right. Some ruts are bigger than others. Thankfully, we are a part of a larger beading community that is full of inspiration. Reading blogs and attending shows with my fave bead people always gets me out of any rut that I might find myself in (or canyon).


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