8 weeks of beading wire giveaways - week 7

9:00 AM

This Summer, we are celebrating everyday like it is a holiday. Each week, for 8 weeks, we will feature a colorful holiday Trio as well as tons of our gorgeous gemstones on sale for a limited 72 hour time period. To kick off each week, I'll be giving away a Trio set here every Monday just as the sale starts. So if you don't win, you will still have the option of purchasing the Soft Flex Trio on sale. But you won't have to worry about that because you are going to win, right?!

Enter to win the Jingle Bells Soft Flex Trio!

To simply enter to win once, leave a comment answering the weekly question, your name and contact email. If you don't want to leave your email on the blog, please leave a comment and then email your contact details to Sara@SoftFlexCompany.com.  To comment scroll to the bottom of this blog entry and click on the link that states the number of comments have already been left.  For example: "31 comments".  This will take you to a page to comment.

Week 7 Question: What is the most creative gift that you have ever given or received?

To enter more than once:
1. Click to follow this blog. See the follow tool on the right side. Note in your comment that you are a blog follower.
3. Click to follow @SoftFlexCompany on twitter. Note in your comment that you are a twitter follower.
4. Click to befriend Soft Flex Wire on facebook. Note in your comment that you are a facebook friend.
5. Click to subscribe to the SoftFlexGirl youtube channel.And again, note in your comment that you are a youtube subscriber.
6. Use the share feature to share this giveaway. See the little icon below - choose your favorite social network and share our giveaway. Please note where you shared our giveaway in your comment. I will enter you as many times as you share this blog post with your social network!
7. Click like.  See the little like icon directly at the bottom of this post?  Click it.  Please note that you "liked" this blog entry. 

If you already follow or have befriended us on one or several of the listed options, please note that in your comment. You will still be entered more than once.  International entries are welcome.

Winner will be announced July 19, 2010 around noon (PST). Anyone can enter except current and former Soft Flex employees. International entries welcome too.  Please, please, please share this giveaway with your bead loving friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sara@SoftFlexCompany.com. Good Luck!

New Trios as of June 1, 2010:

If you have time and want to offer your solicited and perhaps anonymous feedback - New Blog Survey

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12 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I would love to be entered in the weekly drawing. I am a blog follower. I am a youtube subscriber.

  2. I am a youtube follower/subscriber. KayzKreationz there, too. Thanks.

  3. I follow you on twitter.


  4. I am a blog follower.


  5. Probably the most creative gift I've ever given, is a custom, stained glass panel with either the wedding invitation or the graduation invitation inserted inside the glass. I love doing those. But I also love learning how to bead. I'd love to be entered. Thanks.

  6. My very best and most creative gift I've received was/is the support of my partner and family to keep going and try new things. To always believe in myself to push the limits of learning, and keep positive when things get hard. Also, a Gift card I got for a Polymer clay store that I spent on a bead roller, some shape cutters and some more clay... I love following your Facebook Page and discovering all the new Products as they are released. Thanks for the chance to win some of your great products. :)

  7. My most creative gift that I have given... I'm not sure if this was a gift or just a part of a birthday celebration, but the question made me think of this story:

    As a kid we cousins would often spend part of our summer vacation on our grandparents' farm. We would harvest berries, vegetables, fruits and immortelles that grandma (and we) sold. And we would play with the dog, feed the animals, parttake in the haymaking, go to the beach, go grocery shopping, sleep in the hay and more. Well, grandma's birthday was in August and sometimes we were there during that period. This one year our grandparents were away during a few hours and we (me, my sis, two cousins) took the opportunity to clean the house and then set up a variety show. When grandma and grandpa came back they say a bouquet of pink soapwort flowers taped on the door together with a sign that told them to go to the garden. There they saw the bead sheets strung up as a curtain between the flag pole and the hen enclouse. And chairs: in the middle a comfy one reserved for the birthday girl. When the other (unknowing) adults, our parents, arrived to congratulate grandma, the show began. It included sketch comedy (embarrasingly old jokes), but also some acrobatics and singing. Grandma loved it, so did our parents and we had had such fun cunningly planning it all -- no one, least grandma, could understand when and where we had been able to plan this with out anyone knowing it at all -- going through grandma's closet to find costumes and making up all the acts. Who needs a material gift when you can get a front row seat for a fun variety show by your grandkids on your b*day?

    (And as usual I follow the blog, on Twitter and Youtube. And I blogged about the giveaway.)

  8. That is an awesomely creative gift. Thanks for sharing that story. It made me smile.

  9. I am a follower and a friend :-)

  10. KayzKreationz is our winner this week. One more giveaway, next weekend. If you love "Jingle Bells", it is on sale until Thursday.


  11. Woohoo. Thanks so much. Looking forward to getting my set.

  12. I'm the winner! Thank you so much. I did send you an email tonight with my information, let me know if you need more from me. I'm very happy to win - I love Soft Flex wire completely and no longer use anything else. Thank you for the contest.


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