CHA Summer Show

9:00 AM

Twice a year, the Craft and Hobby Association hosts a show that brings people together from all walks of life that have one thing in common, we all work in the craft industry.  There are people who specialize in knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, etc.  It is a really neat event in that it gives people a chance to see what other parts of the industry are doing and an opportunity to cross-market.  Soft Flex is beading wire, but it can also be knitted or crocheted.  Scrapbook paper is specifically made for creating scrapbooks, but what about making paper beads?  See what I mean?

We were pleased to attend an event the night of set-up called "Taste of Rosemont". Quite a few of the local restaurants came to the convention center and set up a food tasting.  It was fabulous and gave all of us a chance to figure out where we wanted to eat for the week.  It was really a great treat after working hard all day to make our booth look just right. Jamie and I got to spend some time chatting with Jennifer Jangles.  

We were selected as 1 of 20 companies to present our products at a media event on Tuesday morning before the show opened.  We demo'ed knitting our Extreme Flex Wire

It isn't very often that you find all girl Soft Flex'ers at a show, but this time it was 4 girls.  Shelley and Lisa work in our customer service dept.  If you ever call into our office, I'm sure you've probably spoken to them.  

Each company at the media event had to give a 1 minute speech about their product.  I was in charge of the speaking portion and feel like I did pretty well. Listen to the Cool 2 Craft podcast and enjoy the entire innovations media event or ffw to minute 30 if you want to hear me talk about our innovation.


Right after the media event, the show opened.  Look at all of these cool crafty peeps waiting to get into the show!

Opening Ceremony!

Jamie, Lisa and Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Sandy Ghezzi CHA VP MME

Shelley teaching our make-it-take-its.  We offered the same make-it-take-it earrings as we showed at Bead and Button but using the green Renewal Trio.  

Jamie and I are long time fans of Project Runway.  This year, designer Suede  from season 5 was at CHA in the Craftwell  booth.  We stopped by, said hi, took a look at his crafty gowns and got this photo using my fun new phone.  He was really, really, really nice.  We were both impressed. 

Hands down, our favorite place to eat was right across from the convention center - Gibsons.  It was so yummy!  Although I never did have steak, look at the steak and lobster tray that they bring out to try to tempt you.  I only ate there twice, but I think that my co-workers got over there 4 times. So good!

And we were fortunate enough to be treated to a super size slice of cake from Gibsons by our friend Suzann from Beadphoria.  She brought us chocolate mousse cake and it was oh so yummy.  This is my quarter of the slice that she brought to us!  I don't know if you can really tell, but it  is HUGE!  It was a nice treat mid-day.  I think that this solidified our love for Gibsons.

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