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Home Shopping Network prefers Soft Flex Beading Wire

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January 2010, I had the extreme pleasure of accompanying Soft Flex Owner Mike Sherman to visit Home Shopping Network in Tampa, FL.  It was an awesome experience!  

We were specifically invited by the Quality Assurance Team to give an overview of our products and how to best use them for the least breakage.  About a year before, a company that does a fair amount of business with HSN had switched from a competitor's product to our product after they had some embarrassing breakage issues during an onsite inspection. Let's just say, beads went flying and that never looks or feels very good.  It was a joy to hear how many less returns this company was getting after switching to our product.  It showed HSN that our product truly is different from all of the rest.  And this is why they decided to invite us to give 2 seminars for not only the Quality Assurance Team but also buyers, writers and many more.  

Between seminars, we got a chance to take a tour of the HSN campus.  We got to see how they test not only jewelry designs but even televisions, clothing, vacuums, etc.  Their quality assurance process is amazing.  They really put a lot of time and energy into making sure that customers get what they pay for and I find that to be very commendable. We also go to great lengths to make sure that our customers get great products and are satisfied, so I felt right at home.  We got to see the call center, which has hundreds and hundreds of employees on the phones but you could practically hear a pin drop.  They are all so quiet and focused.  We even got to see the live cameras in action.  I knew that HSN ran 24 hours a day, but I had never stopped to think about what that meant!  You mean that there is live television taping even at 3 in the morning?  Yes, it is true.  The sets are continuously being built and moved.  Mike and I were in awe.  

On February 10th, it became official, HSN prefers Soft Flex Beading Wire. Here is an excerpt from an email that went out to their vendor partners that day.

HSN will require the use of Soft Flex brand beading wire effective for production starting April 1st.  Items covered:
  • All strung items that currently use flexible beading wire
  • All strung items that have gemstone beads and /or metallic elements
  • Any strung item that fails performance testing in our Packaging Laboratory (your QA Evaluator will be in contact with you when this occurs)
  • Soft Flex Beading Wire: 49 strand, 0.024 gauge - If this is too large for the drill hole, please move to the next smaller Soft Flex size
  • Soft Flex Crimps
  • Soft Flex Crimping Pliers
  • Please ensure drill holes are straight and cleaned out before stringin
  • Better strength, durability and product longevity
  • Better flexibility and drape

    So, as of April 1st, strung designs that use flexible beading wire created for HSN are strung on Soft Flex Beading Wire!  I think it really speaks volumes about them as a company that they really do care about every piece and part of the finished products that they sell.  But, it also speaks volumes about our product in that after careful analysis, they saw the benefit of asking their vendors to exclusively use our beading wire over all others.  

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    9 fabulous thoughts ...

    1. That's an incredible testament to the quality of SoftFlex! What a great experience for you to see how everything is quality tested, but also for us as your readers to hear how they test everything!

      Thanks for sharing Sara!

    2. Wow that's awesome :-) A great experience and booster. And since I know from experience the product is great I know!! :-) Have a colorful weekend!
      Steph Jordan

    3. It was a very neat experience and I have been dying to say something ever since, but I wanted to wait for the dust to settle before tooting our horn too loud. :)

    4. How cool :)

      I like how they included all the findings as well. The first necklace I made with SoftFlex beading wire fell apart because of the crimps I used. I bought some of the SoftFlex crimp tubes, and am planning to buy more.(Of course using the correct size crimps for the design helps).

    5. Our crimps are pretty awesome too. We have them specially made with thicker walls and they are very strong.

    6. But of course they do! And I second that on the crimps.

    7. We know our products are great, but it always nice to hear it and especially from such a great company. Yay! I think that I'll be dancing a little celebratory dance about this far into next year. :)

    8. Wow, that's really amazing, thanks so much for sharing your experience, so cool!

    9. Thanks Lisa! It was really neat.


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