Spotlight on...Art with a Heart by Lina M. Gomez

9:00 AM

Art with Heart
Written by: Lina M. Gomez

I never knew there were beaders. I always assumed that beaded jewelry was mass produced through the direction of different designers. I have always considered myself a crafty person growing up but it wasn't until 3 years ago, my perception changed. I have figured out a way to include beads to my world. It all began when a close friend decided to give my daughter a beginner's beading class for her birthday...she was 12.

Color by Margie Deeb - The Intervals of Value
Designer - Patti Beghtol
Bead Seller - The Peacock Shop

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    Excellent article, btw. Thanks, TSR

  2. Hi Tamra, the next giveaway will start on this blog this coming Saturday for the Cornucopia Trio. There is a new giveaway each weekend for 3 more weeks. I'll go ahead and enter you for this coming weekend. The winner is announced each Monday. :)


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