Jamie Hogsett

End of Summer Necklace by Jamie Hogsett

10:45 AM

It's ridiculously difficult to believe that today is the last day of August! That means the pool closes in a week, which sadly indicates the end of summer. It always goes by too quickly. Luckily, it's also always a lot of fun! It's been a crazy busy summer. So crazy, that it's taken me a couple of months to finish this very simple wire-wrapped necklace. 

Part of the reason it took so long is I was waiting for the debut of Soft Flex Craft Wire in order to use it for the project. Then, I had to try out several colors before I found something that really worked for me. I had some sterling silver eye pins, just not enough for all the wire wraps, so I needed another wire that would work well with the silver. I could have used Silver Craft Wire, but wanted a bit of a contrast, so... Rose Gold is gorgeous, but it was too "rosy" and delicate for the pendant. Copper was just too much orange. I finally settled on Smokey Quartz in 22-gauge and I love how it looks!

The smokey quartz wire really makes the snail's shell pop in this lovely stoneware pendant from Artbeads.com. Czech pressed-glass 5x4mm rondelles in orange/light blue and wasabi were all that was needed to complement the bright colors and amazing detail of the pendant. I'm especially a fan of the two-tone orange/light blue rondelles. The blue on the beads is very subtle, but just enough to make itself known - so pretty! This necklace is meant to represent summertime, but, luckily,  I'm thinking it will transition itself well into fall too!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company and a Swarovski Crystal Ambassador. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.
Disclaimer: The stoneware pendant, orange/light blue rondelles, wasabi rondelles, sterling silver eye pins, sterling silver jump rings, and sterling silver lobster clasp were gifted to me by Artbeads.com as part of their blogging program. I am not compensated by them for my review of their products.

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7 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. love this! the color combo is perfect for the end of summer. it can be done for summer or fall. excellent.

  2. This design totally reminds me of Joann, Jamie. I think she'd really like it! :)

  3. STINKIN' BRILLIANT!! I love the mixture of metals for the wire wrapping! I may have to try that!!

  4. What a gorgeous necklace! I had no idea you guys were carrying wire now. Will have to go take a look at your selection... Very cool!

  5. Hey Cindy, the wire is just being launched. So we haven't really advertised it all that much yet. We are busy filling orders for distributors and stores first. But, most colors and gauges are currently for sale on our website. Slowly...but surely....

  6. Lorelei, I think that picture of you is "STINKIN' CUTE". You look adorable. :)

  7. Thank you Amber, Lorelei and Cindy! I'm mixing wires more and more and loving it! You're right Sara - it is Joann. :)


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