Spotlight on...Color by Margie Deeb - Making Palettes for Focal Beads

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Making Palettes for Focal Beads
by Margie Deeb

How to create a necklace color scheme from an existing bead (or fabric) is one of the questions I've been asked the most over the years.
Last week Rachel D. wrote:

"I have a question about working with beads that are multi-colored. I have purchased lampwork glass beads that are made up of at least 3 colors. I would like to know if I should choose 1 color out of the multi-color bead and use as an accent bead or just use plain clear glass beads as accents? I hear different opinions.

I told Rachel "Its difficult for me to give you my most informed answer without seeing the beads."
My preference is color, not clear glass beads. So I would try to choose 1 color within the beads to use as a unifying color. That is not a rule, that is where I would start experimenting.

Color  by Margie Deeb - Making Palettes for Focal Beads
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