Spotlight on...Designer Sharon Olivia Marchant

9:00 AM

Our featured designer for this month is Sharon Olivia Marchant

"Intricate beadwork telling of life's stories.." My muse comes from nature and encourages me to tell a story with everything I create. My start came from working with antique and vintage jewelry, cameos, and trade and European beads in the early 1980's. I was inspired by the intricate work and would often stare into the depths of an early 20th century bead looking for another universe among the colorful twists and turns. I have been beading for more than 20 wonderful years using inspirations, glimpses of nature's wonders, multiple beading techniques and storylines.

Color by Margie Deeb - Making Palettes for Focal Beads
Bead Seller - Rings and Things

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