Spotlight on....Rings and Things

9:00 AM

Our featured bead store for this month is Rings and Things

Rings and Things, a thriving online bead and jewelry supplies wholesaler, celebrates its 38th year this summer.
Our original store opened in in 1972, in an old downtown Spokane, Washington building that was renovated into a mall run by artists, musicians, crafters and restaurateurs. This store primarily featured hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry from the American Southwest, as well as 70's filigree-and-bead earrings that were made by hand on-site. The owner, Russ Nobbs, previously sold gold-wire name pins and beady earrings at state fairs around the Northwestern United States.

Color by Margie Deeb - Making Palettes for Focal Beads
Bead Seller - Rings and Things

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