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As you know, dear reader, Joshua and I bought a new house and it is in the process of an extreme home makeover.  Painting alone is an arduous task that requires countless hours as well as the right tools and paint. One of my favorite tools was a surprise to me. On a whim, I bought a mini roller. I thought to myself that it must be a gimmick, but it was so small and cute and only a few dollars. I just had to have it. It turns out that a mini paint roller is a gift sent straight from heaven. It allows me to get an even coat of paint in some of the most precarious places. I had no idea how helpful it would be.

How does this relate to beading!?

Well, I got to thinking about mini tools in the beading industry that are not only cute but also helpful. I wondered if designers ask themselves the same question that I asked myself about the mini paint roller, is this mini tool just a gimmick? Here are a few tools that are not gimmicks. They may be small but they get the job done!

 The first item that popped into my mind was the Mini Pocket Crimper. Have you seen them? They work just like the regular crimping pliers but have a smaller handle so they are perfect for travel.

Then, the Mini Twist N Curl came to mind. It has a really thin rod so that you can make itty bitty coils. It is perfect for use with a more delicate gauge of Soft Flex Craft Wire

Likewise, for small and delicate wire shapes, there is no better option than a Delphi WigJig. It is just like the original Olympus WigJig but smaller. The pegs are smaller and they are placed closer together which affords you the opportunity to create miniature shapes. Yay!

And last, but certainly not least, Mini Bead Stoppers are a plain-old, must-have item! These are especially great for working with the finer diameters of Soft Flex or Soft Touch Beading Wire. They come in a nice array of colors, not just the green that I'm showing here.

So what is your favorite mini tool for beading or wire working? 

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Sara, I'd always thought mini tools were just a gimmick too. Your thoughts on them have made me take a closer look. Thanks for suggesting it. Good luck with the renno!

  2. Thanks Mylene! I'm afraid that we might need good luck at this point. :)


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