Bead Heaven in Sedona, AZ

8:04 PM

Any time I'm on the road, I love to keep an eye out for bead shops. This past weekend Josh and I drove up to Sedona, AZ for a wedding. On our way up, I spied a bead store and I mentioned it to Josh. Being the wonderful fiancé that he is on our way home today he pulled into that bead store for me on the way home, without my even having to ask. I never know how to act when I go into a store for fun. Obviously Soft Flex is a huge part of my life professionally, but I love beading personally too. I always look to see if the store has our product, but I almost never say anything about my being from Soft Flex if I'm there for fun.

Bead Heaven has a beautiful view of the mountains around Sedona. I was expecting to see inflated prices being that Sedona is considered a somewhat expensive tourist town, but the prices were right. I poked around and picked out a nice strand of turquoise. "When in Rome, do as Romans do," right? Plus, I love the color of blue turquoise right now.

I was happy to see that Bead Heaven not only carried Soft Flex but Econoflex too. Yay! The woman in the store, I dare say the owner, was very pleasant. If you are ever in the Sedona area, I highly recommend paying a visit to Bead Heaven.

Is it strange that I don't mention who I am and who I work for when I visit a bead store on my own time?

Are you going on a trip any time soon. You can use our bead store finder to plan ahead.You never know what you might find at a bead store. They often have the best and most unique selection of beads. They also know a thing or two about quality, which I appreciate whole-heartedly.

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. i like that you don't mention who you are. i think once you mention who you are it suddenly turns into work, and not fun.

  2. It totally changes the visit. There are plenty of times when I visit bead stores specifically for work. So if I am there to shop for fun, I really enjoy anonymity.

  3. Thanks for the nice review Softflex girl! I'm glad you enjoyed my store. I definitely love Softflex and am happy to recommend it to all my customers as a must-have if you are a serious beader.
    ---Lisa Campbell, owner, Bead Heaven Sedona AZ

  4. Hi Lisa, you are quite welcome. I enjoyed my visit. Your store is lovely and anyone who carries Soft Flex typically has really great taste! :)


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