Glass Art and Bead Festival in NYC - Recap

9:00 AM

I was not able to go to our Soft Flex Glass Art and Bead Festival in NYC this year. Josh and I spent the weekend in lovely Sedona for a wedding, so it has taken me awhile to get pictures and feedback from co-workers and friends who exhibited or visited the show.

It sounds as if it was a huge success. The bead society reported that we had a few hundred more people came through the door as compared to the previous year. It is really nice to see this show continue to grow. They also reported that all of the vendors that they spoke to seemed to be pleased with the turn out and their sales. Yay! 

The BSGNY also mentioned that shoppers appreciate the "diversity, craftsmanship and uniqueness of the Soft Flex vendors" at this show. After 5 years of partnership, I cannot say enough nice things about the Bead Society of Greater New York. All admissions that are taken at the door are donated to the BSGNY, which over 5 years has totaled well into a 5 figure range. It is wonderful to be able to share this show with them. 

We were really excited to include the Fashion Institute of Technology's Jewelry Club this year! Here is a message from them that I received a few days ago.

All the members of FIT's jewelry club would like to say THANK YOU! for inviting us to participate in your show at FIT last weekend!  It was such a great opportunity for us and we got a lot out of it.  It also really helped to jump start our year, got our members to work together, and will help to make a lot of our future projects possible.  We really only just formed the club last year, so we have been working hard to develop our identity and become involved in the jewelry community.  The Soft Flex show was a big success for us and we hope to continue to be active like that in the beading world.  So thank you again!  We really, really appreciate it!

Best regards,
The FIT Jewelry Club

As usual, everyone seemed to enjoy the streets of NYC. I received photos of flowers, marquees, art, and buildings. Here are a few of my favorites....

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