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I LOVE packaging.  I have spent a few hours but, could have easily spent a few days looking at packaging ideas to share with you. The thoughtful way you package your items can make a great impression. With the holidays here, many of your sales will be gifts. An item packaged nicely will impress your buyers and their gift recipients, that's a win-win!  Here are some lovely packaging ideas and tips I found on my hunt.

Brand your items.  Make sure you stamp, sticker or label in some way your business name and contact information on your packaging. You want your buyer to remember who they purchased the item from. Check out the many sellers making custom stamps, labels, ribbon and more in the Supply category on Etsy.

Dish Handbags has a fantastic branding idea.  This designer had a custom stamp made and stamps her own ribbon. Doesn't this package look stunning!

Show your style. Add your personality to your packaging, ask anyone who buys from artists why they do, and I bet you'll get the answer of a unique item created with love. Take your items to the next level by giving your packaging the same level of care you give to your items. The Flickr Group Nice Package has a bunch of wonderful examples.

Here's a simple packaging idea from CUTEureCreations. A few extra touches such as matching tissue paper to your brand, a nice ribbon and a sweet thank you card (business card tucked inside) elevates this packaging
Gracie Designs uses lunch bags and fabric scraps for packaging her goods. I love the simplicity of this package.  Plus, you can reuse the lunch bags!
Postal Treats created a darling package by creating their own newspaper envelope, attached a sticker with brand information and tied with twine.

Ship with care.  Fragile items need special packaging. If you're shipping a gift for the holidays, there might not be time to replace a broken item. So stock up on chipboard, eco-friendly packing peanuts, newspaper, etc. Oh, and don't forget to weather proof your packages as much as possible.
Sugar Flower Designs, recycles the trimmings from her stationary, when crumbled it makes a sturdy packaging material and coordinates with the items being shipped.

I stumbled upon this Carton Resizer tool used to re-size recycled boxes for shipping. Re-sizing with this tool makes a neat tidy package, and inches can save you a lot of money when it comes to dimensional pricing when shipping. It's a time saver too.  If you re-use boxes for shipping this is a tool you may want to check out.

Packaging items take time.  Think about how you want to package your item and stock up on supplies so, as that craft fair approaches or your online sales start rolling in you are ready. As you can see from the examples above adding your own style does not need to break the bank. Have fun with it and your buyers are sure to remember you!

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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  1. Very cool, Kristen.

    My Christmas presents usually look pretty awful.

    Your post has some great ideas.

  2. I hate wrapping packages. These look beautiful yet simple enough that I can do it.

  3. More cute ideas!

  4. Great blog, Kristen. I'll be trying out lots of these ideas when I start wrapping up all my holiday gifts. Wrapping them is almost as fun as making them... :)

  5. I hope to have another installment in December for some more wrapping ideas! I LOVE packaging, can you tell?! Glad you found these inspiring!


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