Spotlight on...Quality Materials for Building Quality Products by Sara Hardin

8:00 AM

Quality Materials for Building Quality Products 
Written by: Sara Hardin

I bought a new home this year with my husband-to-be. You can see our home buying adventures on our blog. Being that it is our first home, we were excited but also very nervous. I realized early on that I had learned a very valuable lesson from Soft Flex Company that we applied in this home buying venture - look deeper than surface level. I frequently tell designers to think about the products that they are using in their design and to spend a little more to have a longer lasting, better made piece of jewelry. 

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I so enjoy putting together and reading our spotlight features each month. It's a peek into the beading world from many angles!

  2. Me too. It is so neat to see the industry in so many different ways. I especially love seeing different bead stores around the country.


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