Sara Hardin

Ask Sara - What is a WigJig?

9:00 AM

Question: What is a WigJig? Why would I need one?

Answer: Oooooh, the WigJig is a wonderful tool. They are used for making wire shapes. You stick metal pegs into the holes in a pattern and then guide Soft Flex Craft Wire around the pegs as you spin the jig.  This tool is fantastic for consistency. For instance, you can make a chain by creating each link on the jig and then linking them together. You will have endless creative opportunities for your wire designs with the WigJig products. The transparent WigJig products are constructed of aircraft strength acrylic. So strong, they can be used in a vise. I always like to point out that you can make basic earwires on them for a fraction of the cost of buying them pre-made. 

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Just love the jig. Have used mine and am having fun with making different patterns for necklaces. Like last month giveaway. Nice pieces.

  2. I stood at the Soft Flex booth at a show a long time ago watching a talented man demo the wig jig. I had to have one...I have one but not the courage to use it? Maybe the new craft wires will inspire me? I'd love to win.


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