Sara Hardin

Holidays: love 'em or leave 'em?

9:00 AM

Do you love the holidays as much as I do? I love the holidays. I love the bustle and the busyness. I love holiday trees, cards and baking. I love making gifts for friends and family. One of my new neighbors is in the middle of a brand new remodel. I was in shock when she told me that they were skipping Christmas. "What?! Skipping it entirely?", I asked. Yep, they aren't planning on anything. No gifts, no dinner, no decorations......Even when I lived on my own at a young age and couldn't always afford to go home to Montana to be with my family for Christmas, I always celebrated the holidays in some way or another. Perhaps I need to pack up a Christmas tin for them and leave it on their doorstep.

One important piece of advice that I have found useful over the years is to be flexible when it comes to the actual holiday. Things are not always going to work just as you thought they should. I also try to be mindful to keep things simple so that I can have time to enjoy the holiday too. For instance, this year I plan to make chili for Christmas Eve night. It's easy. People can come and go when they need to and there doesn't have to be an official dinner time. For Christmas, I'm contemplating a stew. So I can throw everything together and then just spend the day really enjoying time with Josh, my Mom, my family and of course Honey. What is your best holiday advice?

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  1. I also love the holidays Sara! Having 2 immediate families (mine & his) and then our extended families, we could be pulled in a gazillion directions. But we choose to keep it simple... immediate families are the most important. So while we have both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day... the Christmas day celebration is done in snuggly jammies and very casual as a brunch.

    Hope your holidays are absolutely wonderful Sara!

  2. I love holiday jammmies - how'd I miss that on my list of things that I love? After talking with Josh, we are definitely thinking about a nice big breakfast and then a stew later in the day.

    Happy holidays to you too Dawn! Thanks for contributing such wonderful content to the bead world. :)

  3. Sara your holidays sound absolutely perfect and I love the fact that you are flexible as that is certainly the key to sanity. I have adopted, "not everything needs to get done" this year. Happy Holly Jolly Joy to you...

  4. I think all big events require a certain amount of flexibility. Life doesn't always go as planned, sometimes the best and most memorable experiences are unpredictable. Happy holidays to you too!

  5. You're going to have so much fun celebrating your first Christmas in the new house with your mom, Sara! Enjoy every second and eat lots of cookies. :)

  6. Jamie,

    No problem on the eating of lots of cookies. I think that I've already accomplished that! :)

    Happy holidays to you and your lovely family as well.



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