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Ask Sara - .014 Fine vs. .019 Medium beading wire for necklaces and bracelets

9:00 AM

Question: I use Soft Flex .014 Fine wire for a lot of necklaces and bracelets with smaller beads ( 3-6 mm gemstone and glass beads) and medium beads (up to 12 mm size glass beads).  What size crimp bead would you use with this wire?  I would like to pass the wire through the crimp bead twice.

Answer: With .014 Fine, you will use 2x2mm crimp tubes. Although not all of the beads that you listed will fit on our thicker diameter of .019 Medium, it is best to use the thicker diameter whenever possible. It is much stronger. .014 is fine for pearls, seed pearls and itty bitty gemstones but not much more. You will use 2x2mm crimps with .019 Medium as well.

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  1. great Q&A! using the strongest diameter you can for your project is so important. It will ensure that your design lasts.


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