Sara Hardin

Attitude of Gratitude

9:00 AM

How often during the day do you acknowledge things that others do by thanking them? I've found that a little bit of gratitude, even for the smallest things, goes a long way for both me and the people around me.

Personal Gratitude. I think that everything starts with you, or in my case, me. I have found that it is a good practice to acknowledge my blessings on a regular basis. Perhaps, you are grateful for your sense of humor or maybe a more tangible item like a new home or a new baby. Maybe you are just grateful for something more trivial like streaming netflix on your play station 3 (that is definitely on my list). Regardless, stopping and recognizing our blessings is an important step in creating an attitude of gratitude.

Relationship Gratitude. Whether it is your mother, your brother, your best friend or a significant other, chances are you have someone in your life that does things for you. Granted, you may do just as much for them, maybe even more. Be sure to thank them and thank them often. It lets them know how important they are and it takes only a few seconds. Thanking and being thanked feels good.

Workplace Gratitude. I feel like offering workplace gratitude can sometimes be the most difficult. I've talked about this at length with friends and family. It seems to be common that co-workers forget to show their gratitude for the work that you do, especially if the atmosphere of win-lose exists. Win-lose = silly. Lots and lots of people work in an environment that has trained them to think that if their co-worker does well or gets praised they must not be doing well and are losing. I like to think that if my co-worker wins, I win. After all, if the company succeeds, we all succeed - right? Again, everything has to start with you. You have to be the first to create the attitude of gratitude and with no expectation to be appreciated in return. I'm thankful that my work team is very good at saying thank you to each other and to me.

Saying thank you and being grateful takes only a little energy but does go a long way in bringing happiness into your life. To ponder this subject more or to share the things that are you are most grateful for, check out the Gratitude Project on facebook.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. being grateful, so simple but, can be tough to act upon. I did a gratitude journal for 30 days once and it was an amazing experience, one that I should do more often. Thanks for a really nice post to kick up off the week. I'm grateful for you as a co-worker and friend Sara!

  2. Gratitude is such a simple act and can be so satisfying on both sides. Our world would be such a better place if everyone shared gratitude. Thank you for sharing.


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