New Elk Antler Beads

9:00 AM

We have new beads online! We just loaded up some of our Elk Antler. This product has thus far only been available at shows and in our gallery. 

Elk Antler is one of the fastest growing living tissues. It can grow at a rate of two and a half centimeters per day. Like deer and moose, elk antler only grows on males. Elk Antler begins growing in spring and later becomes brittle and sheds in winter. The fallen antler is then consumed by other animals for it's calcium content. Elk Antler is covered and protected by a layer of soft skin called velvet. Velvet dries up and peels when the antler has reached it's maximum size.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 4-6

Elk Antler (Cream/Tan/Brownish) is warm, neutral, and earthy. Elk Antler is made of bone. Elk Antler is helpful in calming anxiety, healing broken bones and regulation of body temperature. It may also aide with communication and the ability to understand. Elk Antler resonates with most people and is good for all.





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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I have to admit when I first read the title i was like..OH NO! Then I told myself to read and see, and I read that the elk lose their antlers..I didn't know that. So is that how the beads are made. The elk sheds it's antlers and they are collected and made into beads. If the elk isn't hurt in the process I am interested in knowing more about them.

  2. Hi Lisa! No elk are harmed. All of the raw material is collected from the antlers that are shed. The beads are really quite beautiful.


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