Spotlight on...Discovering the Treasure in Failure by Margie Deeb

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Discovering the Treasure in Failure
by Margie Deeb

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams

As a creator, I've learned a lot about destroying. In order to create, we must destroy. It is a part of the creation process. Destroying makes the space for new creation.

We destroy a hank of beads so that we may order its pieces into a necklace. We destroy old ideas to make way for new. We destroy empty space to fill it with a new painting. We destroy a design that doesn't work in order to create a new one that, hopefully, works.

I was faced with this last dilemma recently. Off and on, for the past 8 months I've been working on an intricate piece. I'd made prototypes out of rope that indicated that my idea would work and I was so excited. To see if it actually worked, I had to weave it together. After 60+ hours I realized that what I had created would not work like the vision I had in my mind's eye. So I had to rip it apart. Did I mention it was 60+ hours of work over 8 months time?

Article - 10 Booths Not to Miss This Year in Tucson by Jennifer Wilson
Designer - Andrew Thornton
Good Book - Ceramic Bead Jewelry by Jennifer Heynen
Local Bead Seller - 1 Stop Bead Shop in Dublin, Ohio

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