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Inspiration: Winter by Jamie Hogsett

9:58 AM

People think that Colorado gets a ton of snow in the winter. There is definitely a lot of the powdery white in the mountains, but in the foothills, where I live, we've had very little snow this season. It's been cold though - extremely cold - so when we do get snow, there's lots of lingering ice to go along with it. Driving and walking on the ice always makes me nervous, but as long as the ice takes the form of sparkling icicles, I'm a happy girl.

As part of their blogger program, Artbeads.com invited me to create a piece about "Winter Enchantment," something that expresses what I find beautiful about this season. To me, winter in Colorado means bright blue skies, dark evergreen trees, and ice. And what better to represent ice than clear Swarovski Elements?! Polygon drop and teardrop pendants make perfect icicles in this necklace. Simplicity crystal beads work well as spacers in addition. The sharp facets of all of the Swarovski Elements reflect sun the same way icicles would, only the beads won't melt.

I used 24-gauge Soft Flex Craft Wire in green, baby blue, and non-tarnish silver for the wirework. The messy, uneven wraps help illustrate the icicle idea in the front part of the necklace. For the chain at the back of the piece, I used the smallest tool in the Twist N Curl Mini Set to make little wire beads, then wrapped them all together. Sterling silver 4mm jump rings and a pretty sterling silver filigree clasp finish the piece.

Now that it's March, we only have a few weeks of winter left until spring rolls in with its blossoming of life. With this necklace, I'll be able to enjoy my favorite parts of the coldest season even as temperatures warm up in a warmer one!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company and a Swarovski Elements Ambassador. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.
Disclaimer: The crystal pendant and beads and jump rings were gifted to me by Artbeads.com as part of their blogging program. I am not compensated by them for my review of their products.

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