Spotlight on...Color by Margie Deeb - The Process of Color Forecasting

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The Process of Color Forecasting
by Margie Deeb

Twice a year I create the Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers. Within it's digital pages, by way of instructions, examples, proportion-specific palettes, and beadwork, I demonstrate how to work with the 10 specific colors that Pantone has forecasted for the current season.

How do the color forecasters at Pantone choose the seasonal colors? There's a lot more to it than you might think.

One of my readers in Canada directed me to "Q," a national arts and culture interview program on CBC Radio in Canada. I listened to a fascinating interview with color forecaster Keith Recker, who forecasts for Pantone and WGSN (an online trend forecasting firm).

Recker says "In forecasting we try to sniff out what people are thinking about, what they will be needing, what they are lacking in terms of psychology, spirituality, sociology, their economy, then we start to find our way into color."

Article - Bead Cruise 2011 by Heather Powers
Color by Margie Deeb - The Process of Color Forecasting
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Good Book - Handmade Weddings
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