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Price of sterling silver sky rockets

9:00 AM

Have you seen the price of sterling silver, gold and platinum lately? My co-worker sent me a link to this nifty chart that shows the history of silver prices. I was specifically looking at silver, but you can choose other metal types on the left. I typically write my posts early. I'm writing this on Wednesday, April 5th. Guess what the price per ounce for silver is today? $39.15! 1 year ago it was around $17.90. 5 years ago, it was a little over $11.50. 10 years ago, it was around $4.35. Um, my beloved silver is quickly becoming far to expensive for my pocket book! Prices have more than doubled in just one year! 

This leads me to my next point. Stock up on Craft Wire. You are going to need an inexpensive alternative. I can't imagine that you, dear designer, are able to afford this price increase any more than I am. Our non-tarnish silver is a great alternative. It is hypo-allergenic and, as the name suggest, non-tarnishing.

Other great options are brass and copper findings. In the above design, I used antique brass chain, crimps and clasp. I also used crystals and seed beads from Fusion Beads and beads from Humble Beads

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