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Silver and Gold Prices Continue to Soar

9:00 AM

Remember a week or two ago when I mentioned that I was astonished by the price of precious metal? I mentioned how the price has gone from ridiculous to unfathomable in a very short period of time. If you are needing a more inexpensive ear wire to get by, we just loaded up some really nice silver plated, gold plated and copper ear wires. You can purchase them in a single pair, five pair or fifty pair packages.

Today on April 15th, as I type this message (early of course), the silver price is at a whopping $42.50 per ounce. It is up a few more dollars just since last week.

I think it would also behoove you to note that all of our sterling and gold findings other than ear wires and crimps have not undergone a price change yet because they are still older inventory. However, you are going to start seeing silver findings go up, up, up or not available at all as suppliers run out of more and more supplies and have to buy at the new price point. If you have some dollars to invest, now is a great time to do it before some of these products also require a major price increase.  Here is a link to our silver findings, be sure to click through to all 14 pages of product! You might also want to take a look at our gold findings too!

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