Sara Hardin

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

9:00 AM

Well, life continues to throw me curve balls and I continue to swing and attempt to hit the ball out of the park. I arrived home from our big week in Sonoma taking photos for our upcoming book to find that my computer will not turn on. Oh boy! I definitely need a computer to finish the book!! I considered a good cry and then decided that there are probably better courses of action. It was a really exhausting week, and frankly, watching Oprah's last shows have made me extra weepy this week. I wondered, what would Oprah do? She might cry, but she definitely would work toward a solution. So, although I was supposed to have Friday off, I buckled down and made the necessary phone calls to figure out how exactly I can have a computer to do my work next week. All is well that ends well, right?

Now, I am typing away this blog from our ipad, wishing that I could figure out how to add a beautiful, color photo to this post. No such luck! At any rate, I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Hopefully my next post will be written from my new computer. Cross your fingers that it gets here in a timely fashion!

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