Mike Sherman - Update

9:00 AM

I updated Mike's blog Mr. Flex this week.  I realized that there are still important friends that didn't know about his accident. If you know Mike, it is hard not to adore him. He is funny, witty and often the center of attention. That is as true today as it ever was. It isn't hard to imagine that he made friends far and wide during his travels. I suppose that it shouldn't completely surprise me that some folks still don't know about his spinal cord injury. I guess when you put something on the internet, you just sort of expect it to spread like wildfire. At any rate, it felt good to update his blog this week. I am heading to Sonoma next week to work with Jamie on our book. Although I'll be excited to see all of the Soft Flexers, I especially look forward to spending a little bit of time with both Mike and Scott. If you get a chance, please leave Mike a comment on his blog. He does read the comments and I think that it is so nice for him to hear how many folks are rooting for him!

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thank you for the update! How thoughtful of you. I AM hoping to make it by this week when we are in Sonoma...and hopefully you may be there too!

  2. Yay Mary! That would be fun. I won't probably be in the gallery, but have someone grab me so that I can come say hi. :)

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Mike, I look forward to reading about and getting to know him!
    Take care,


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