Spotlight on...Getting Ready for Success by Charlene Gary

9:00 AM

Getting ready for success
Written by: Charlene Gary

If you’re a human being, and if you’re reading this you probably are, you dream about success, whether it’s personal or business. We think about it often, we make plans, goal sheets, charts, and graphs. We say to ourselves that once we finish school, we’ll do what we’ve always dreamed about and have our success. Once we’ve paid off this bill, or have the right tools or amount of funding, then we’ll start and have our success.  But that day never seems to come for some of us. So what’s the problem? I think I may have an answer.

Article - Getting Ready for Success by Charlene Gary
Color by Margie Deeb - Intangible Weight
Designer - Diana Shiraishi
Book - Wire Art Jewelry Workshop by Sharilyn Miller
Local Bead Group - The Madison Bead Society

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