Twist N Curl Tutorial

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Have you ever used the Twist N Curl? It is fun and easy to make your own colorful beads!

Pictured below are the two TNC's that come in the Mini set. There is also a regular set. The smaller the dowel, the smaller the coil that you will make. You can also control the size of the coil by choosing thicker or thinner gauge of Soft Flex Craft Wire.

First, you will create the outside coil. I used 24g in blue on the thicker of the two Mini TNC's. Anchor the wire onto the TNC.

And start to spin. If you hold the wire onto the dowel with your pointer finger and thumb, you can twist the handle with your free hand and make a coil pretty quickly. When the coil gets to its desired length, you can remove it from the TNC.

And start your base coil. I used 20g in purple.

Slide the first coil onto the base wire.

And then coil the coil.

And finish off your bead!

Tah - da!

Now, I'm going to string these up with some Amethyst chips and Purple Amethyst Soft Flex Beading Wire!

And a day later, here is the final result....

And here is another version. I think that this is a bit more elegant. I used 22g non-tarnish silver plate and 28g brass to make the TNC beads. I anchored the beads in place on .024./Heavy Bright Silver Extreme Soft Flex and 2x2 crimp tubes.

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