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Beading with Kids by Kristen Fagan

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I was on a beading bender last month and had beads all over the living room. My 4 year old son, Hudson loves to create. He was oooing and ahhhing over my beads and when he asked if he could touch them I replied "Hey! Do you want to string some beads?" He was so excited and got his 7 year old brother Ethan to join in the fun.

It was their first time beading so, I set them up with some large beads that would be easy to string. I gave them a long strand of Econoflex Wire, perfect for craft projects. Long enough that the final design could be knotted and slipped over their heads. I also gave them some bead stoppers (my favorite tool!). I didn't give any direction and other then to string the beads onto the wire. Hudson got to stringing in any which order and made this very spunky necklace.

Ethan strung a little but, without a clear direction he gave up quickly. When I asked him what he would like to make he said he wanted to make a necklace for his teacher. Awesome! It was the last week of school and I thought that would be a great gift to say thanks. His teacher wears a lot of black and black is his favorite color so, we picked out black and white beads. Laying the beads on a bead board we choose a focal bead and I showed him how he can make a pattern on either side. He was excited again. Since this was a gift I gave him Soft Touch Wire, premium beading wire and he strung along. I finished the design with crimps and a toggle clasp. Didn't his necklace turn out great?!

He was so proud he made it that he wanted me to print the picture of him wearing it and place it in the envelope with his card. What a special touch!

Planning a beading project can be a great craft activity for kids. Stringing beads is not only fun, but it can be a way to help develop fine motor skills. Beading isn't just a craft activity for girls either, boys like my son Hudson enjoy wearing their own creations and boys like my son Ethan are happy to give their creations away as a gift for mom, grandma, a friend or their teacher!

Have you had a great experience beading with kids? Please share in the comments below!

Guest blogger Kristen Fagan is the Website Graphic Designer for Soft Flex Company. She also has her own blog and etsy shop.  She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Wonderful post Kristen! It is so important to share these types of creative projects with kids. It gives them great motor skills, an outlet for personal expression and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Including them in making gifts for the teacher is also very rewarding for them, as well as the teacher. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Your boys are adorable and did a fabulous job!

  2. Kristen, kudos to you for letting your boys get involved early. They did a great job! I wish more men would feel comfortable wearing jewelry like they do.

  3. Your boys rock! I miss those days alot.!
    Happy Monday,

  4. Kristen, you have the cutest little boys. :)

  5. I love sharing creative projects with my kids. It is so rewarding for me and them. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Ally my best, Kristen


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