Earthenwood Studios

9:00 AM

I came home from Bead&Button Show with lots of awesome pieces from Earthenwood Studios. I stopped by the booth and picked some myself. Then, a sweet little package with my name on it was dropped off full of more treats! Yay!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or in this case a bead genius) to know that little birdies and their nests are a hot items in the beading world. Take a look at this adorable birdie and nest! 

This ice cream cone was the first thing to catch my eye. So adorable and the perfect design element for keeping an Arizonan thinking cool thoughts in the dead of a hot, hot, hot summer. 

I love "love". I do. I admit it. Therefore, I am a huge sucker for hearts and anything heart related. This little heart is sure to find a happy home in my bead stash. See.......

So many beads, so little time....

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