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Lucky Ladybug by Hint

9:00 AM

I recently acquired a cute little ladybug pendant. I plan to use it in my wedding jewelry. I've had two very pleasant and interesting run-ins with ladybugs in the past year. I had planned to show you a picture of the charm, but alas it was a little too difficult. My computer finally gave out last week. I have been forced to use Joshua's until my new one arrives.

View charm at Hint.

The first was on the day that I got engaged. At the very top of Mt. Graham in Arizona, piles and piles of ladybugs bore witness to Joshua proposing to me. It was an amazing and unforgettable sight. 

A few weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Santa Monica picking out my wedding dress. The strangest thing happened. On the day that I chose my dress, we went to the beach in the afternoon. There were ladybugs up and down the beach. I have never seen a ladybug on the beach before. 

There were perfectly reasonable explanations for both sightings. Regardless, I have adopted the ladybug as my personal good luck charm. So I firmly believe that my wedding necklace would not be complete without a ladybug charm. I have admired Beth's work for many years. I adore her blog. You should click through and check her out!

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14 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. What a beautiful beautiful story... I think "lady bugs" most certainly will always be special to you... Congratulations on your engagement and wedding...
    Take care,

  2. How awesome! I totally know what you mean about feeling like ladybugs are a good omen.

    I wrote about them way back last year:

  3. Thanks Lisa! I think that I'll always be happy to see ladybugs!

    Andrew, I love your post!

  4. Growing up, we always thought of lady birds as being good luck... what a good omen for your marriage!

  5. We'll take all of the good omens that we can get, although I think that we both know that we will have a pretty wonderful marriage regardless. We are MFEO (made for each other)!

  6. Congratulations on your engagement & upcoming wedding! All the very best to you & future hubby!
    Ladybugs are very special little creatures...

  7. How awesome ! I had a similar incident, only with a " Butterfly " shortly after my Husband pasted away. One landed on my finger it stayed for quite awhile. Seems like everytime I visit his grave site there are Butterflies !!

  8. I dont have a 'lucky charm' per say, but I do have a lucky number 13 and have a tattoo of it on my left wrist in the form of Roman Numerals combined over each part of the #'s. The reason i feel it is lucky is that everywhere I look, I see the #13. Like it is following me.

    I am also a blog follower.

  9. Lady bugs are very lucky, and you are especially lucky to have so many around your recent events. I have a lady bug stamp and I also like dragon flies for luck. Congrats to you.

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Granilyn, I loved your butterfly story. That is so neat!

    Karelea, oooh a ladybug stamp. That is what I need!

  11. Too sweet! Thank you for connecting Hint's Lucky Ladybug charm with love :)

  12. Hi Beth! I'm sure that I'll post a picture of my necklace after the wedding. :)


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