Affordable Silver Filled Crimp Tubes for Beading

9:00 AM

I'm very excited to announce that we now have 2x2mm silver filled crimp tubes. They seem to run at about half the price of sterling silver, but in my testing, they were quite nice! Our silver-filled crimps are similar to gold-filled crimps. Silver and brass are mechanically bonded. Silver-filled crimps are hundreds of times thicker than silver plating and have the same properties as sterling silver crimps.

Soft Flex® Crimp Tubes are crafted with the professional in mind. We have constructed a crimp tube that is almost twice as thick as others on the market. The sturdier build of the crimp is enhanced by the fact that they are also seamless. Finish your next piece securely with our designer crimps.

The 2x2 Soft Flex® Crimp Tube is typically recommended for diameters .014 or .019 in Soft Flex or Soft Touch Wire and should be crimped with the Regular Crimping Pliers.

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  1. That is great news! I don't like the plated crimps. They are all too flimsy. I love my pure copper ones but sterling is a bit pricey for something that is so small and essential yet virtually unseen (and often covered up!). I will have to look for these. Thanks for sharing this great information Sara!
    Enjoy the day!


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