Spotlight on... Xses Handmade Jewelry by Christin "LeXi" Davies

9:00 AM

Xses Handmade Jewelry 
by Christin "LeXi" Davies

I began altering my jewelry as a teenager in the mid-eighties. I was a fan of Madonna and I would try to make jewelry that was like hers, but using the parts from store bought jewelry and what I could scavenge from garage sales with my babysitting money.

Years later, I was happily making altered art; but I fell into beading by accident in 2000. Testing out some a permanent alcohol based stamping ink, I was looking for new ways to use the ink that would go beyond paper stamping. While shopping at Dayton's Department Store, I saw some bracelets made with Mah Jong tiles and found my inspiration. Using the ink I stamped images onto the back sides of dominos and used them in collage art pieces. I still wanted to make these more than just art to hang on a wall and decided I could drill the dominos and make them into beads. A friend of mine worked at a local bead shop so I went to her for help, and she was kind enough to teach me how to bead.

Book - Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly
Local Bead Group - Bead Society of Victoria
Bead Seller - Star's Beads

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  1. Beautiful, simple and elegant. Jewelry making is so very creative.


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