Jamie Hogsett

Tidying Up Earrings by Jamie Hogsett

10:23 AM

Organizing my office is my never-ending battle. I'm horrible when it comes to cleaning up my workspace before starting a new project, so my desk is pretty much always a mess. I'm really trying to remedy that this summer though, so I began a huge cleaning sweep (again).

I came across all of the components in these earrings when cleaning off a beading mat. Some rainbow agate coins leftover from last week's project jumped out at me, along with some green CZs, and ear wires, hammered rings, and daisy spacers from Tierra Cast. I love the look of the black and silver metals together! I guess the lesson learned here is sometimes cleaning can be fun.

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This is exactly how some of my best earrings get made!

  2. They are really beautiful!

    This post might even inspire me to clean my desk up.

    Note the use of the word 'might'!!


    Blue Forest Jewellery

  3. I think you would be hard pressed to find an organized bead table unless the beader JUST organized it. We all seem to work in a big, messy pile. :)


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