Winner Announced

11:42 AM

An Arizona Sunset

Here in Arizona, we've been waiting for the rain to come. It's been a little cloudy and humid over the past few days. Last night, I let Honey out into the backyard and noted that it seemed awfully still out there. No wind. Shoot, no rain. About 5 minutes later, Honey started to bark at the back door. Nothing unusual about that! When I opened the door to let her in, a huge gush of dusty wind rushed at me. What?! Yep, a dust storm. Poor Honey was panic stricken. It is unbelievable how fast those storms move! We did end up getting a little rain though, woo hoo! This morning, the entire city is covered in a fine layer of dust. 

So, we have a winner!!!! Lucid Moon Studio, you are our big winner this month. Please contact me to claim your prize. You should check out her lovely blog. She won 2 strands of chain and a hole punch tool. Yay! The next giveaway will post on August 5th. Stay Tuned!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Congrats Lucid Moon Studio!

    Some storm hey! I had my screen door of my bedroom/studio open. Everything in my room covered with a layer of dirt. I spent about 6 hours cleaning dirt between the inside and out. Our patio looked like it had been to the beach.

  2. Oh no! We shut everything up, but you could still see dust on everything. We had to spray down our patio and walls to get rid of all of the dirt. Yuck!


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