I Heart Pinterest

10:01 AM

My friend and co-worker, Kristen Fagan, introduced me to a wonderful site recently called Pinterest. It is a visual bookmarking website. It is a feast for the eyes. Not only has it been useful for me to "pin" (a fancy term for bookmarking) new items that I come across on the world wide web, but ALSO, I have found so many really neat and fascinating ideas right on Pinterest.

It is almost like a visual twitter. You can follow people's boards and as they pin things, you may find things that you like and will "repin" for your followers to see. One thing to remember, and I have to remember this as well, is to name the artist or source of the pin. First, that gives the source the credit they deserve. Second, it will make it clear that the item is owned by someone specific and should not be copied for monetary purposes. Third, it will make it a whole lot easier for you to go back and find it again later.

It is an invitation only website. So if you would like an invitation, please leave your details and I will invite you to join! If you are already on pinterest, let's follow each other. Find me. Yay!

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6 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I would love to join pinterest

  2. I just sent you an invite! I hope you love this website as much as I do!

  3. Hey there! I'd love to join! I just checked it out and spent a good half hour before I remembered I was only supposed to be "checking it out" haha. Hooked! csageconn at gmail dot com

  4. Coty, enjoy! I sent your invite a few minutes ago. It is a lovely place to spend some time. So many neat ideas floating around. :)

  5. I would like an invite!!! I've been waiting..lol!!

  6. Yay, another new pinterest friend. Hope you enjoy! I sent your invitation!


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