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9:00 AM

How Traveling Has Affected My Jewelry Designs
by Lori Anderson

A lot of my blog readers have been fascinated that I wasn't brought up in a creative home. My first eighteen years were predominantly spent with my head buried in a library book or trying to stay unnoticed in school hallways. To say I dreamed of packing up and moving out would be an understatement. Life in southwestern Virginia held little for me, and after my hard scholastic work meant nothing in the face of a non-existent college fund, I joined the military.

Designer - Patsy Evins
Book - Beading Across America by Paulette Baron, Amy Katz, Sherry Serafini
Local Bead Group - Rocky Mountain Bead Society

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  1. I have been following Lori for a long time and she is always such a positive inspirational force. Her jewelry is fabulous and her life stories are beyond compare. Great spotlight...


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