Spotlight on...Designer Patsy Evins

9:00 AM

Designer Patsy Evins

What a wonderful era we live in where we can chase after our dreams and share them with others to use as stepping-stones to reach their dreams. My dream is to capture with glass some of nature's most beautiful creations. Hi! I'm Patsy Evins and I sculpt fine art glass lampwork beads. My passions are flowers and underwater ocean life but I will throw in desserts when I am dieting.

Designer - Patsy Evins
Book - Beading Across America by Paulette Baron, Amy Katz, Sherry Serafini
Local Bead Group - Rocky Mountain Bead Society

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This necklace is stunning with the use of colors and materials all put together. Beautiful indeed...

  2. Patsy rocks. I've seen her jewelry in person and met her lovely son and I love her!

  3. She is a fabulous designer for sure!


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