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5 Steps For Creating Winning Holiday Designs

9:00 AM

I know. I know. You are thinking to yourself, but it is only September. In craft and jewelry world, you are already behind if you haven't already started to think about the upcoming holidays. I saw posts on facebook and twitter about the 2011 holiday season as early as June. That's right, June!

1. You should consider launching a brand new design for the holidays. What better time to wow your friends, family or customers than the holidays? There is a lot of competition for attention out there, so do something different, new, unique!

2. After deciding upon your chosen design, you have to find the right products for your projects. I suggest that you try your local bead shop first. They are going to have a higher end selection of beads, components and tools. If you are going to spend time making it, nothing beats doing it right and buying good quality materials. Local bead shops are a wealth of information. You may even learn a new technique or find a class that you would like to take.

3. You'll need to carve out time to experiment. I have found that typically when I visualize a new design, once I sit down at my bead table, that design often morphs into something even better if I have time to experiment with it. If you start early enough, you won't have to rush.

4. If you are like me, you'll be making several copies or versions of the design for lots of different people. You will need time for production. You may even need to head back to your local bead store to pick up some more supplies.

5. Finally, you should always consider packaging. If you spent time making a one-of-a-kind, handmade present or product, should it have a nice package to reflect its beauty? I think so.

So, have you already started thinking about your holiday projects?

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. To tell you the truth Sara when I saw that tree I felt a little ill to my stomach. I have been so swamped that the thought of adding Christmas to the mix seems a little overwhelming. But of course putting a little thought into it early would help relieve the stress of it happening all at once.

    Your advice is excellent! Even if I am in a bit of denial as to it just being around the corner. ;-)

  2. Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean cindy. It is good to get it on your radar.


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