Lorelei Eurto's Fabulous Jewelry

9:00 AM

Lorelei's picture and jewelry design.

If you are into beading, you probably know the name Lorelei Eurto. She is an amazing jewelry designer and is coming out with a book soon called Bohemian Inspired Jewelry (available for pre-order). I am always thrilled when I see a piece of colored Soft Flex peaking out of her designs. I thought that I had better share her latest design with you so that you can be thrilled by it too.

Lorelei's picture and jewelry design.

Doesn't the turquoise colored Soft Flex look fabulous in this design. I love it! If you like that color of wire, you can now buy it in a 10ft length for $6.49. It is probably my favorite color, although I am quite partial to citrine, red jasper, pink tourmaline, amethyst....okay, okay...I love them all.

To see more of Lorelei's work, I suggest that you drop by her etsy shop.

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