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9:00 AM

Alexandra Sydorenko

When I was about 7, my mother came home with a bag of seed beads. They were crooked and uneven, and the color was a rather sickly green and a poisonous-looking orange. Still, she had not the faintest idea that this first bag of beads would change my life drastically.

I mostly got the inspiration to bead from my grandmother Anastasia, whom, I might mention, I've never even met. She was one of the master beaders in Ukraine in her time, however. It was due to her that I picked up needle, thread, and seed beads.

Article - Designing with Things that Go Bump by Melissa J. Lee
Color by Margie Deeb - How to Work with Metallic Iris Beads  
Book - Dimensional Bead Embroidery by Jamie Cloud Eakin
Local Bead Group - The Northwest Bead Society
Bead Seller - Beads Beads Beads in Denver, Co

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