The Best Blog Posts - Top 15 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2011

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Learn how to make earwires on the WigJig using Soft Flex Craft Wire!

Find inspirational ideas for displaying your jewelry either in your home or at a craft fair, bead show or farmer's market.

Learn how to use crimps and beading wire to create colorful beaded connectors, closed jump rings, links and dangles. 

This blog post includes a full free set of instructions from one project in Nealay Patel's book. It also shows you where you can purchase his full book. 

Cindy Lietz, the Polymer Clay Tutor, discusses using polymer clay with colored beading wire. The combination of these two mediums is stunning.

Branding and packaging your designs can sometimes be as important as the actual design itself. Find a few ideas for how you can make your packaging feel special and reflect your personality.

Learn how to knit on a knitting spool using colored beading wire. You can add beads, knit with several colors or mix several different types of materials together.

Learn how to make an easy decorative, gift box on the fly.

Learn how to make five different, simple but elegant bails for creating a pendant. 

Learn how to use Soft Flex Craft Wire on the WigJig to create a fun holiday ornament which could easily be downsized for earrings or a pendant. 

Although there are many ways to make a project idea your own, this blog post offers 3 great options: Color, Shape and Layer.

Learn how to knit colored beading wire on a knitting spool with the addition of beads! This blog post offers step-by-step photos and instructions!

 As of April 1, 2010 strung designs that use flexible beading wire created for HSN are strung on Soft Flex Beading Wire. Read about Sara's visit to HSN.

Get inspired to braid colored beading wire through several free project ideas showcasing this age-old technique.

Learn how to make your own colorful beads using Soft Flex Craft Wire on the Twist N Curl.

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  1. Awesome! How fun to see our polymer clay project in the top 5 spot. It made my day! There are so many cool projects you have show cased this year. I just adore that rake necklace holder. Such a cool contrast to the fancy pearls.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone at SoftFlex! Cheers to another year filled with great success and fabulous ideas!


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