Day 3 Cha

9:34 PM

Cha Day 2

9:45 PM

Cha Day 1

5:07 PM

First Place Winner - The Time Key By Tammy Johnsen

9:00 AM

Simply the best beading wire on Etsy

9:00 AM
Sara Hardin

Ask Sara - Difference Between Extreme 925 Silver and Bright Silver

9:00 AM

Spotlight on...1 Stop Bead Shop in Dublin, OH

9:00 AM
Jamie Hogsett

CHA Make-It-Take-It Keychains by Jamie Hogsett

10:19 AM

Chain featured in Bead Trends

9:00 AM

Top 10 New Free Project Ideas

9:00 AM

Metal Stamp Giveaway on Pretty Things - Too Good To Not Share!

10:00 PM
Sara Hardin

Ask Sara - Which diameter of beading wire should I use?

9:00 AM

Winner Announced - Multi-diameter Soft Flex Beading Wire Trio

9:15 AM

Bead Store in Oregon needs your help!

9:00 AM

New Elk Antler Beads

9:00 AM

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