Jamie Hogsett

Free DIY Chain and Wire Earring Idea by Jamie Hogsett

9:45 AM

Curious about using colors of Soft Flex Beading Wire? If so, here's a great beginner project that will let you experiment with colored wire as well as the hole-punch pliers and Soft Flex Company's copper chain. Any combination of colors would look great here. I was going for a subtle look and chose Black Onyx, Copper, and Chrysoprase beading wire for these earrings. Wouldn't it be fun to see them in a festive party mix of Purple Amethyst, Citrine, and Spinel beading wire on silver-plated copper chain too? Or made up with gold-plated copper chain, Red Coral, Black Onyx, and 14K Gold beading wire for a truly elegant look? With so many different color options available, you'll be able to make up several pairs of these earrings in no time!

Materials needed:
4" of Oval and Round Textured Copper Chain
8" of Black Onyx .019 Diameter Soft Flex Beading Wire
8" of Copper .019 Diameter Soft Flex Metallics Wire
8" of Chrysoprase .019 Diameter Soft Flex Beading Wire
12 Copper 2mm Crimp Tubes
12 Copper 3mm Crimp Covers
1 pair of Black with Copper Round Ear wires

Tools needed:
Metal-Punch Pliers
Crimping Pliers

Finished size: 1 3/4"

Step 1: Use cutters to cut two pieces of chain with each piece consisting of 1 oval link and 1 round link.
Step 2: Use the Metal-Punch Pliers to punch 1 hole in the top center of the oval link of 1 chain piece.
Step 3: Use the Metal-Punch Pliers to punch six holes evenly-spaced along the bottom third of the round link.
Step 4: Attach 1 ear wire to the hole punched in the oval link.
Step 5: Use 2" of Chrysoprase wire to string 1 crimp tube and the first hole in the bottom of the round link. Pass through the crimp tube again, forming a small ring of wire, and crimp. Trim the wire ends.
Step 6: Use 2" of Copper wire and the second hole of the round link to repeat Step 5.
Step 7: Use 2" of Black Onyx wire and the third hole of the circle link to repeat Step 5.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 5-7 using the fourth, fifth, and sixth holes in the round link. Cover every crimp tube with 1 crimp cover.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 1-8 to make a second earring. Enjoy!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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