Free DIY Beaded Bracelet Idea by Jamie Hogsett

11:36 AM

Inspiration for this little bracelet came from one of the views from my new home: snowy foothills spotted with evergreen trees and the bright blue sky above. It's a gorgeous view, one I'm grateful for!
Beading wire colors of Tanzanite, Emerald, Bone, and Antique Brass are great representations of the landscape and coordinating seed beads amplify the colors even further. The seed beads also add texture and movement, with each of the eight strands of wire just over half-covered with beads. The Kazuri bead was a lucky find in my stash - it pulls all the colors together and itself looks like a landscape - and I like it sitting so close to the toggle clasp. The only problem is, now every time I look down at my wrist, I want to go out for a hike in those foothills...


Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company and co-author, with Sara Hardin Oehler, of Show Your Colors. Contact her at

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I love this bracelet! I work in the fitting rooms of a Ross Store and I can't wear most of my jewelry because if it's too loose, it gets caught on things (hangers, bra hooks, sweaters). And our uniforms are blue shirts and black pants- it's hard to add colors to this combo! But this bracelet seems strong and simple enough that it could withstand a little tugging and the beads are not only the right colors but will add a little sparkle to my work day and I can brag about making it!!

  2. Hi Joyce! Thank you! Yes, this would be a great piece for your job. The Kazuri bead will remain flat against your wrist, so it'll easily stay our of the way of hangers. Hope it works out well for you and that you get to brag a lot! :)


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