Sara's Favorite Things From Tucson!

9:00 AM

I picked up a few favorite things in Tucson this year. I felt myself pulled toward metals this year, but I still picked up a few glass pieces too.

I am extremely excited about the new colors in Soft Flex Craft Wire. I am having a difficult time deciding which I like better. I love the Silver Plated Charcoal but I also love the Silver Plated Lavendar....oooh, and the Silver Plated Pewter. SEE, I can't decide. I love them all. I see that they aren't available online yet, but they will be soon along with a a few fun projects that I created while demoing in Tucson.

TierraCast has some really cool new buttons and pinch bails.  I'm looking forward to testing these out in an upcoming project. I love visiting their booth in Tuscon because they always have such nice design samples. This year I spotted a great design in their display case using Soft Flex Beading Wire in Red Coral.

Isn't this little guy the cutest? It is a bead. I rigged up a little Soft Flex Craft Wire to hold him up straight so that you could get a good look. His top half is the prettiest blue color. I picked him up from Tangible Light Studio

Ohh la la. I love the rusted iron from The Lipstick Ranch. I think that it will look so nice with the Soft Flex Beading Wire in Copper Color.

I absolutely adore Gail Crosman Moore. She is just such a lovely person. She always has beautiful trinkets and a smile to share. It is always a joy to bump into her. I picked up a lovely glass pendant from her. 

All in all, it was a fun and successful Tucson. It seemed like attendance was up at The Best Bead Show and buyers definitely seemed a lot more confident about the economy this year and excited about beading. Yay!

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