Spotlight on... Jewelry Designs from Nature by Heather Powers

9:00 AM

Jewelry Designs from Nature
by Heather Powers

Author Heather Powers is an intuitive designer. Last year at the BeadandButton Show I had the extreme pleasure of bumping into Heather in a food line. We ended up having an unexpected lunch together. She is as lovely and thoughtful in person as you might imagine she is from looking at her work. She proudly shared a picture of the cover of her book, which was not quite out yet. I was sold! I knew that I'd have to pick up a copy as soon as possible! When my copy arrived, I read it from cover-to-cover, which is something that I rarely do with jewelry-making books. The designs and ideas in this book are a feast for the eyes and a comfort to the soul. Drawing inspiration from nature is certainly not a new concept but Heather's unique view makes the subject matter feel fresh.

Article - Where I Create by Lori Anderson
Color by Margie Deeb - Jewelry Design: Emphasize Similarities
Designer - Margo Yee
Book - Jewelry Designs from Nature by Heather Powers
Local Bead Group - The Baltimore Bead Society
Bead Seller - Eclectica

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  1. I have this book and love it, her designs are really beautiful!


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