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Free DIY Beaded Knitting Spool Bracelet Idea by Jamie Hogsett

11:14 AM

Need the perfect project to work on during a road trip? A knitting spool project is the answer! I drove to Santa Fe and back last weekend and though I traded off on the driving duties, I still had plenty of time to make a few knitted bangles on the 4-pin knitting spool. I was experimenting with different ways to use color blocking with the knitting spool and this is my favorite outcome. The silver toggle clasp and Link22-gauge Non-Tarnish Silver Craft Wire add the perfect shiny finish too!
Soft Flex Beading Wire in Green Turquoise, Fluorite and Chrysoprase were braided together with two colors of size 6 seed beads (from my local bead store, Bead Cache). I pre-strung the beads on the Fluorite wire in a repeating pattern of twenty beads per color, beginning and ending with the dark charcoal beads. The way some of the beads hide inside of the knitted core while some stick out on the edges just makes me happy. The pale green beads recede even more due to their color, which provides great contrast. There are so, so many options for bead patterns when using the knitting spool. What are some of your favorite ways to showcase beads in your knitting spool projects?

Blog contributor Jamie Hogsett is Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company and co-author, with Sara Oehler, of Show Your Colors. Please contact her at Jamie@softflexcompany.com.

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This design turned out great. I love it! Good work, Jamie!

  2. I second that! The color blocking is awesome. great wire wrapped cones too.


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